a big gramophone

The Color Purple

VFX Supervisor – 2d and 3d environment extensions, cg animals, cars, ships, buildings, dreamy sets, relighting for mood, an ungodly amount of skies, period accuracy, and a giant gramophone.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

a thumbnail image of race cars on the track

Gran Turismo

Compositor – Crowds, set extensions, cg cars.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

two mystical warriors fighting their way through a line of soldiers

Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms

Division VFX Supervisor – big environments, magical fights, giant elephants, and crowds.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

advertiesement for shazam

Shazam! – Fury of the Gods

Compositing – A dragon, a digital double, some digital vines.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

Vignette and Caine in a scene from Carnival Row Season 2.

Carnival Row Season 2

VFX Supervisor – Environments, matte paintings, digital make-up, a little bit of a creature, and tons and tons of fairy wings.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

A shot depicting dragons flying around Harrenhal castle.

House of the Dragon

Compositor – Look Dev comps in the concept phase to drive the Virtual Production shoots.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

a scene from Day Shift

Day Shift

Compositor – Digi doubles, blood and gore and mayhem, a Blender minigun, interactive light, trusty old windshield reflections..
Pixomondo, Stuttgart


VFX Supervisor – walls of trash, digital make-up, 2d and 3d set extensions, full-cg environments, physics-defying body bags, invisible people, helicopters, cars and more.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

the mithraic ark crashes into a mountain

Raised by Wolves

Division VFX Supervisor – holes of different sizes, a cg stadium, aircraft big and small, flying, crashing and what’s left of them, matte paintings, digi doubles, destructive cgfx,
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

The Mandalorian

Division VFX Supervisor – making modern rear projections work, a close combat sequence with lightning bolts, and a glimpse of Baby Yoda.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart