screenshot from space for the Ark teaser

Iron Sky: The Ark Teaser

Compositing of one full cg, 1200 frames long shot, flying all the way from space above Earth into a mystical cave on the moon. Fun! :-)
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

xXx3 Trailer Shot


Lead compositor on a few trailer shots for the return of Xander Cage. Keying, set extensions, paint work and monitor inserts.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

shot from live by night

Live By Night

A brief sequence with a digital double being shot at and thrown down a staircase, and a long establisher with a digital 1930s Miami. CG assets, integration with live action plates, stock footage additions.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

Fear The Walking Dead

Tech checks and comp feedback for a few shots of one episode.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

Doctor Strange shot from the trailer.

Doctor Strange

DMP and CG set extensions on a trailer shot, 2.5D background setup for a few others, look dev for a small number of shots.
Method Studios, Vancouver

Allegiant shot from the trailer


Look dev for a cloaked plane, 2d and 3d set extensions, stock footage additions, keying, paint and a few big, almost full-cg shots.
Method Studios, Vancouver

Shannara Chronicles

Keying and comp setup for one sequence of MTV’s upcoming fantasy show.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart.