About Me

I’m one of those vfx professionals. My name’s Julian Łojek and I’ve been working as a compositing artist since 2005. I started at a small company doing architectural visualizations and small corporate stuff, mostly web content. I began to freelance in 2007 and worked on my first motion picture in 2009. I’m still learning new stuff every day, and that’s a good thing. At least, I keep telling myself that. :-)

I began writing about the companies I worked for a while back, but never published that blog. It didn’t seem appropriate, and I might have been a little worried, too. But, seriously, we artists chit-chat about that stuff all the time, anyway. So when I did a re-design of the site, I decided to go live with the blog, as well.

When I’m not pushing pixels across a screen to bring other people’s fantasies to life, I like cooking, hiking, climbing, making or listening to music, gardening, snowboarding, drawing, writing and being with friends.

I have a vimeo account that I use for both professional work and spare time fun stuff, please keep that in mind if you visit it. I’m also on Xing and LinkedIn, if you want to network with me. Oh, and I guess IMDB keeps track of what I’m doing, as well, although it makes for a pretty desolate picture of me. :-)

September, 2014