Carnival Row

Division VFX Supervisor – an expansive cg city and matte paintings for an aerial fight sequence, some cgfx, and faerie wings.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

Die neue Zeit

VFX Supervisor – 2D and 3D set extensions, crowds, many invisible fx, digital makeup and enhancements.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

the starship discovery hovering next to a planet in front of a huge bright anomaly

Star Trek: Discovery S02E07

Division VFX Supervisor – hero ships, asteroids, planets, shuttles, red angles, time rifts and a place on the bridge.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

Sprite Sisters

Division VFX Supervisor – magical fire, water, miraculous plants, an evil witch puking toads, and wide-flying digi doubles.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

frame from the movie mortal engines

Mortal Engines

Full-cg environments and set extensions, rolling cities, elements and plate integration, particles, voxels, and deeps. Lots and lots of deeps.
Weta Digital, Wellington

The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Look dev, animation and comp templates for some screen inserts/mgfx, a photogrammetry-like point cloud world, and a sniper scope.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

Ant Man and the Wasp

Keying, roto, CG elements and environments integration for a brief Quantum Realm sequence.
Industrial Light & Magic, Singapore

Solo: A Star Wars Story

A dream come true. Blasters, AT walkers, droids, stormtroopers, light sabers’ smaller cousins, and Chewbacca.
Industrial Light & Magic, Singapore

Justice League

Early look dev to final comp of a few Wayne Manor shots. Roto, paint, keying, cg environments, atmos, digital makeup.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

Screenshot from the Game of Thrones season finale

Game of Thrones Season 7

Sequence Lead for a partially cg white walker in the season finale. Also, compositing of some environment shots of Dragonstone in the rain.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart