Mercedes A-Class Driving Experience

Lead comp on a fully configurable clip of the new Mercedes A-Class.
Mackevision, Stuttgart.

VW Up! Web Special

Comp of extensive full cg content for VW’s dedicated minisite for their new city car, the UP!
Mackevision, Stuttgart

Mercedes G-Class Web Configurator

Extensive car configurator project with thousands of separate parts to be visualized in several views of multiple design lines of this iconic off-roader.
Mackevision, Stuttgart.

MB USA AMG Web Configurator

Compositing of short full cg snippets to complement the line of online car configurators for vehicles such as the Mercedes SLS AMG.
Mackevision, Stuttgart.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Web Configurator

Compositing of full cg web content for Jeep’s dedicated mini-site for their new flagship car.
Mackevision, Stuttgart.

Evobus Online Clip

More full cg clips to complete the Evobus / Mercedes-Benz lineup.
gk4, Ludwigsburg.

rms online advent calendar

Editing and grading of a series of clips for the company’s interactive advent calendar.
rms, Stuttgart.

Evobus Mercedes-Benz Online Clips

Compositing of several full cg clips for the website of Evobus and their Mercedes-Benz lineup.
gk4, Ludwigsburg.