Bosch World Conference

Display design, motion graphics, small vfx elements and title animation, roto, paint and comp for a set of  ridiculously spectacular corporate clips.
Schokolade, Stuttgart.

Lurgi Online Ad Clips

Photography and editing of a number of clips for the client’s recruiting website.
rms, Stuttgart.

Bosch Technical Presentation Intro Movie

Comp and motion design. Full cg content for an extensive interactive Flash piece.
gk4, Ludwigsburg.

Bosch Digital Speedometer Animation

Motion design for several different takes on what displays in cars might look like in the future.
gk4, Ludwigsburg.

Bosch Blaupunkt Technical Presentation Intro Movie

3d tracking, motion design and comp for an internal company commercial.
gk4, Ludwigsburg.

WWS image film

Direction, editing and motion design for a short company commercial.
Yellow Ant and Amilo’s Finest.

Bosch Atmo image film

Set supervision, 3d tracking, motion design and compositing for a number of shots.
gk4, Ludwigsburg.