Mazda Atenza PoS Clips

Compositing and some minor vfx work on a number of shots of a full-cg commercial spot.

Image Unit, Shanghai.

Porsche 918 Spyder Introduction

Lead comp artist on MVS’ part of the unveiling video for Porsche’s new super-car.
Mackevision, Stuttgart.

Undisclosed Car Commercial

Compositing of a couple of shots, replacing a live action stand-in with a full-cg car.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart.

Festool Products

3d tracking, title animation and integration for a number of short commercial clips.
Schokolade, Stuttgart

Maserati Kubang Commercial

Integration of a full cg car into live action plates for the IAA unveiling clip for Maserati’s new SUV.
Mackevision, Stuttgart.

BMW i Commercial

CG/live action integration for the introduction clips of BMW’s sibling electric cars, the i3 and i8. Also some paint stuff where the plates didn’t match the client’s expectations.
Mackevision, Stuttgart.

Bosch HUD Auto Show Presentation

Set supervision, animation and comp for a number of clips to introduce Bosch’s take on the future of automotive’s display technology.
gk4, Ludwigsburg