2 Cents: Pixomondo Stuttgart

Update: Pixomondo’s business practices and reputation have changed immensely since I wrote this article. I’ve gladly and happily returned to the studio numerous times since, and there are no money issues anymore. The team is still great, I like working with the supervisors and there are still good projects coming in, although at a bit of a smaller pace and in smaller doses than they used to. All is probably not roses, but the main gripe I used to have – not getting paid for my work – has been a non-issue for quite some time now. So don’t let this ol’ blog put you off. :-)

Pixomondo is the one vfx house in the world that I never wanted to work for because of their bad reputation. Continue reading

2 Cents: Mackevision Stuttgart

Mackevision have established themselves as one of the world’s leading players in print and web content for cars manufacturers.  Continue reading