Carnival Row

Division VFX Supervisor – an expansive cg city and matte paintings for an aerial fight sequence, some cgfx, and faerie wings.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

Die neue Zeit

Division VFX Supervisor – 2D and 3D set extensions, crowds, many invisible fx, digital makeup and enhancements.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

the starship discovery hovering next to a planet in front of a huge bright anomaly

Star Trek: Discovery S02E07

Division VFX Supervisor – hero ships, asteroids, planets, shuttles, red angles, time rifts and a place on the bridge.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

Screenshot from the Game of Thrones season finale

Game of Thrones Season 7

Sequence Lead for a partially cg white walker in the season finale. Also, compositing of some environment shots of Dragonstone in the rain.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

Fear The Walking Dead

Tech checks and comp feedback for a few shots of one episode.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart

Shannara Chronicles

Keying and comp setup for one sequence of MTV’s upcoming fantasy show.
Pixomondo, Stuttgart.